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Our Services:

Please visit the booking policy page to view our policy before booking because you won't be able to reschedule your photoshoot more than once and you'll lose out on any deposits or payments. All payments are non-refundable. You can locate additional services and add-ons at the bottom of the page, following our listed services (only viewable on desktop/laptop). If your service doesn't mandate a deposit payment via our website, you have the option to submit the standard deposit amount using Apple Pay, Zelle (404) 390-6143 or Cash App. The regular deposit amount is $150, except for wedding deposits which are not included in this standard fee. Attached is Cash App QR code for your convenience.


Additional Services & Add ons:

Image by Ross Sneddon

Video Services

Event videography                    



Promotional videos                   



Corporate videos



Drone (request pricing)



1 min recap ($750)




2 min recap ($1,000)


Full video ($2,500 or more)

Alter-Ego Shoot

An alter ego photoshoot is a creative and often theatrical photography session in which an individual transforms into a different person or character. The person portrays an alter ego, which can be a fictional character, a historical figure, an entirely imagined personality. 


Vintage Wood Clocks

Rush Edits



This service is designed to


expedite the post-production


process and deliver edited


photos or videos to clients in a


much shorter timeframe than


standard editing services. Rush


edits are particularly useful in


situations where clients need


their edited content quickly,


such as for tight deadlines,


events, or last-minute requests.





Product Shoots

High-resolution images

of product(s) from various



Close-up shots to emphasize product details, textures and craftsmanship. 

Product staging and styling. 

Packages and branding. 

Post-production editing. 







(Starting at $500)

Taking Meeting Notes

Concept Development

This involves discussing your vision and creative ideas for the concept. 

Concept research and planning. This service can range from ($200 to $500)

This photo was captured by _LenaAllure. Styled by _LadiAllure_

Photo Manipulation

A photo manipulation refers to the process of altering or enhancing a photograph using various techniques. This can range from subtle adjustments to dramatic and artistic transformations.

($100 each)


Additional Edits



"Additional edits" refer to extra


or supplementary editing work


that goes beyond the initial or


standard editing services


provided for photos or videos.



($25 each)


Holiday Mini Sessions



Duration: 20-30 minutes 

Location: Outdoor park or holiday-themed indoor studio setup. 

Up to 4 family members 

15 high resolution, fully edited digital images.  

Option to purchase prints. 




Stand Up Meeting

Branding Strategy

Includes initial consultation, branding identity development, photography services and branding deliverables. 

($3,000 to $10,000)

Model with Curly Hair






This may include haircuts, styling, and the use of hair products to create the desired hairstyle that complements the subject's features and the overall theme of the photos.


($75 - $300)




Destination photography, also


known as destination wedding


photography or travel


photography, is a specialized


field of photography that


involves traveling to a specific l


location, often a destination or a


unique setting, to capture


photographs for clients.




(pricing depends on the



Happy People

Additional People

($50 each)

Computer Screen Closeup

USB Drive

A USB drive provides a tangible backup. Clients can use the USB drive to print their photos or share with others. USB drive can also include the original, high resolution files. 


Makeup Artist at Work

Make-up Artist




Camera-ready makeup, is a


specialized form of makeup

artistry designed to enhance

the appearance of individuals


when they are photographed.


It aims to create a flawless,


natural-looking complexion


and highlight the subject's best


features while ensuring that


makeup lasts under studio


lighting and flash photography.



Film Set

Props/Special Locations


"Props" and "special location

sets" are elements used in


photography and videography


to enhance the visual


storytelling, aesthetics, and


context of the images or videos.





($100-$1,000 depending on


props and location.


Travel and setup at your home



maternity shoot_couch.jpg


(Ask for printing price list)

($10 to $2,000)

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